Sicily 2007
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Ken skate the loop road around island

  Ken getting started skating in Lipari town

first village north of the ferry dock is Canneto

next village is Aquacalda on the north side. Then comes the big climb over the shoulder of the head of land beyond the village -- the road goes above the sea cliffs.

looking back northeast from almost the top of the climb to the islands of Stromboli and Panarea - (Stromboli is an active volcano)

islands of Alicudi and Filicudi and Salina, west from Lipari


snowy Mt Etna to the south (on the main island of Sicily) and on the left the closer island of Vulcano, seen from the village of Pianoconte

the southern Lipari archipelago -- with the crater of Vulcano above and beyond (see white smoke from fumaroles). After our walking + skating on Lipari, Sharon + Ken took the ferry over to Vulcano island and hiked up to that crater.

finishing with a long exciting downhill east across the island back to Lipari town, where Sharon + Ken rejoined at the ferry dock.

Sharon explore Lipari town on foot

street in Lipari town

house with plants in Lipari town

balcony with a little shrine

close-up of little shrine . . . and . . . Cathedrale di San Bartolomeo

another house in Lipari town

modern church in Lipari town

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