Sicily 2007
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Mt Etna.  One of the benefits of late November is to raise the chance of seeing snow like this.

Mt Etna from above thru our window on our flight departing.

Vendicari park + Siracusa city

last daylight on a beach in Vendicari park on the east coast

exploring the night streets of the Ortigia section of the city of Siracusa

Sharon beside the sea on Ortigia island -- then out to the end of the rocks in the sea

bike up to Gibilmanna from Cefalu city

on the side road up Gibilmannaon the side road up Gibilmanna

Sanctuario di Gibilmanna with catvillage of Gratteri

long climb from Cefalu on the sea up to Sanctuario di Gibilmanna (with cat), then descend thru Gratteri to Lascari

singing demonstrators on the main street of Cefalu

home base

our "home base": Hotel Borgo Verde on the west side of Catania -- view out our window


Corso Umberto in TaorminaSharon on Via Roma in Taormina

Sharon on Corso Umberto in TaorminaGiardini Naxos southeast down from Taormina

Taormina city at night on Corso Umberto and Via Roma

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