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alongside the road near our start at the southeast side of lake in Schwangau near the town of Füssen

a little side trip to the Festspielhaus along the west side of the lake -- looking beyond Sharon to Neuschwanstein castle in the center at the foot of the mountains

goat overseeing the sheep alongside the road

riding on a short section a dirt path beside west side of the lake

more sailboats, this time seen from riding on a nicely-paved road

on a bicycle path ("radweg") alongside the road on a hill above the north side of the Forggensee - (with Neuschwanstein castle far across the lake)

further along that bicycle path

"share the road" -- riding around the east side of the lake

these "alternate road users" keep coming -- the one on the right brushed against us as she walked past us standing there

earlier that afternoon . . .

we hiked up to the castle Schloss Neuschwanstein, and continued a ways above it to the Marienbrücke, with the Forggensee lake in view beyond the castle

Sharon alongside the castle

inside the courtyard, a romantic setting

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