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We parked at the Residenz, and found a wedding photography session.

They did not permit photographing inside the Residenz, but here's a non-flash photo inside the Hofkirche chapel next door.

we went out into the garden . . .

. . . and got a side view of the Residenz

we went walking around the city and found other tourists riding

and another form of transportation

another residence overlooking the city, Festung Marienberg, which we did not visit this time

seemed like lots of people enjoying just hanging around Würzburg on a sunny day

We got on our bike and made a long moderate climb on streets up onto a ridge southeast from the city to a place called Gartenstadt Keesburg with some vineyards and views over the Main river - (some other cyclists took a steeper route which perhaps avoided riding on the streets)

Sharon postponed the views and gave priority to some blackberries

looking southeast over the Main river -- toward the next place we rode to, and after a long downhill thru Gerbrunn . . .

. . . arrived at the Main river by the village of Randersacker -- and rode this paved trail back to the city of Würzburg

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