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Ludwigshafen - Speyer bike tour . . . see rough map

south docks of Ludwigshafen on the Rhein river

Sharon on the Rhein bike path

cathedral of Speyer

Peterhausen - Dachau bike tour . . . see rough map

on the road thru pleasant farmland south from Peterhausen

church between Dachau and Peterhausen

gate of the concentration camp memorial on the outskirts of Dachau - (closed on Monday when we rode there)

Erlangen + west . . . see rough map

bike path west from Erlangen toward Büchenbach

brunch of south Bayern weisswurst to fuel for more cycling

back to Erlangen for Turkish dinner -- our Bike Friday Q tandem parked to the right

walk Bamberg . . . see rough map

the "alte Rathaus" over the Regnitz river

creative playground equipment in Bamberg

along the Regnitz river

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