bike + climb Italy 2008
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on our way riding east from Como + Grandate across the land to Oggiono + Lecco, we pass thru Montorfano

dirt path along south side of the (much smaller than Como) Lago di Alserio lake -- out of character with the mostly smooth asphalt of the rest of route that day

quiet time in a nature park beside Lake Alserio

city of Lecco, the southeast corner of our triangle

underneath the bridge at the southeast corner of the big Lago di Como lake

soon we ride into a long tunnel, and then into another more than a kilometer long

and made it out the other end

a little stroll down to dip our hands into the water - (it started raining at this point)

looking over Bellagio village, at the north corner of our triangle - (we waited there for a while during a heavier rain period)

lots of cyclists riding along the southwest "leg" of the big lake, toward Como

one of several villages along the road from Bellagio southwest to Como - (after the rain stopped)

arriving at the city of Como, the southwest corner of our triangle

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