bike + climb Italy 2008
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in the Dolomites near Cortina d'Ampezzo -- a chapel along the way hiking from our start at the mountain hut Rifugio Auronzo to get to the start of the climb - (see photos from when Ken was here on skis)

Tre Cimes di Lavaredo, passing by while still just on our way to the start of the climb
 (in German called "die Drei Zinnen")

on the De Luca / Innerkoffler climb now: on the north ridge of Monte Paterno (German "Paternkofel"), emerging from a tunnel built in World War I -- next we go into another

much longer tunnel -- Sharon ahead climbing up steep big wooden steps by the light of her headlamp

Sharon climbing the "via ferrata" - (protective cables are there though it's hard to see them) - almost up to the Gams Scharte pass

getting down the south side of the pass isn't so easy

Sharon meeting two hikers trying to come up from the south. When they saw the section which she had just traversed, they decided to turn around and go back down.

Sharon climbing up to a "door" thru the rock on the way down

dark clouds after we make it off the climb back to the hiking trail -- and next it started raining

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