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Switzerland 2009

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climbing southeast from the city of Sierre 


thru a rock wall between Niouc and Vissoie - - (on the backside of that rock, the road is next to a big vertical drop)

other riders out on these "balcon" roads

south toward Zinal and the high peaks (Weisshorn?) beyond

coming into Pinsec

looking back southeast to village of Vissoie

north across the Rhone river valley

south from Mase to the village of Saint-Martin

down ahead toward village of Euseigne

looking back toward Euseigne -- at bottom is road going thru the spine of light rocks "pyramides de Euseigne"

in the resort town of Veysonnaz, looking northwest across the Rhone river valley to the Grand Muveran peak

afternoon workout climbing road up from the Rhone valley near Sion

finish down to the Rhone river and adjoining lakes

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