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Switzerland 2009

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We start in Grindelwald, which has a multi-stage lift going up toward First - [map].
Vicky + Sharon + Kerry, with the Wetterhorn mountain beyond

snow in May, alongside our hiking trail -- also a good day for the paragliders, at least five in the air above Sharon + Kerry + Vicky

south to the Lauteraarhorn + Schreckhorn mountains

Kerry + Vicky ahead, with the Fiescherhorn mountain beyond

waterfall that appears this big only in springtime

paragliders floating above, with the Lauteraarhorn + Schreckhorn beyond

coming to the First summit, with the Eiger peak to right

Reeti / Simelihorn mountain above beyond paraglider

looking down to Grindelwald, with the Fiescherhorn + Eiger + Jungfrau peaks above -- and two more paragliders on left side

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