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Switzerland 2009

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Sustenpass was closed because of snow, and we did not get much further than this -- about 2 km above the Steingletscher hotel - [see on map]

looking south across a frozen lake into the mountains and glaciers toward the source of the Rhone river -- pretty good view even without being able to pedal to the top

looking back to a temporary springtime waterfall flowing over one of the tunnels we rode thru on our way up

coming down thru a tunnel

around an interesting curve

another look at the "waterfall tunnel"

lots of tunnels are a distinctive feature of this road on the west side of the Sustenpass

coming down to the Steingletscher hotel and other buildings at the big switchback curve

yet another sequence of tunnels on the Sustenpass road

Grimselpass road [see where on map] was also closed -- looks like an amazing job of plowing to get it clear this far. Some signs we saw seemed to indicate that a key reason for closure was the possibility of avalanches from above the road.

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