The route from Mont Fort (in the Verbier ski resort) to the Prafleuri hut and then to the Dix hut over two days is the usual Haute Route variation taken by most guided parties. 

looking east to Rosablanche

Looking east to Rosablanche from the top of the first pass.

The Grand Combin (4314m / 14150ft), to the south of this day's route. 
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Grand Combin
skiing up to the summit of Rosablanche A Dutch couple skiing up to the summit of Rosablanche  (3336m / 10940ft), with yet another party below. 
Skiing down toward the Cabane de Prafleuri hut (difficult to see on outcropping in the lower left -- 2662m / 8731ft)
see close-up of hut
skiing down to the Cabane de Prafleuri hut
Lac des Dix and beyond

This Haute Route variation continues down along the Lac des Dix, then up the left-hand side of glacier between the two distant summits of the Pigne d'Arolla (left) and Mont Blanc de Cheilon (right).  The Dix hut (not visible) is half-way up from the lake.

Mont Blanc de Cheilon, intimidating from near the Cabane des Dix -- the objective for tomorrow. 
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Mont Blanc de Cheilon


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