Ski Sierras
Spring 2005

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giant ski/snowboard runs on Birch Mt (4147m)  +  the Thumb (behind center, 4072m)
(and that's Mt Kid on the right, with lotsa north-facing runs into South Pal)

Pinnacle Gully on Peak 11765 ft  ("east peak of Mt Perkins", 3587m)
-- about 1200 vertical meters of skiing/snowboarding, much of it around 35 degrees or more

Independence Peak (low left) + University Peak (behind, 4156m) + Kearsarge Peak (3846m) NE gullies into Sardine Canyon
 -- car shuttle could enable about 1500 vertical meters downhill skiing for 600 meters uphill climbing

massive Mt Williamson: North fork Bairs Creek + summit horn + Williamson Creek + SuperBowl + Shepherds Pass

giant ski/snowboard runs on its east side in plain view from highway 395
 -- but lotsa work to get access to any of them (except Williamson Creek is not thought of as a ski run, and
perhaps best ski access to summit is behind from the west side)  (Also there are two more cirques to the south)


Mt Williamson (4380m / 14375ft) -- most massive peak in the Sierras (but second highest).
Bairs Creek cirque + North fork Bairs Creek cirque + summit horn

Mt Whitney (4417m / 14494ft) with the Mountaineers gully ski/snowboard route on right shoulder
-- highest summit in United States outside of Alaska  [ see our ski tour on it ]

Mt Langley (summit on right, 4281m) -- southern-most 14000ft peak.  Ken has skied two routes on its east side:
- - ENE gulley on left side of photo partly in shade, with long traverse of central ridge to summit;
- - NE couloir (steeper) looks sorta squiggly on left shoulder of summit (right side of photo)

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