Ski Sierras
Spring 2005

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Mt Whitney (4417m / 14494ft) is the highest peak in the United States outside of Alaska.
 On our day, we had an unusually deep snowpack with favorable avalanche conditions.

climbing through boulders in North Fork Lone Pine Creek

under the cliffs by the snow-covered creek

above Clyde Meadow, in front of Crooks Peak, Keeler Needle, Mt Whitney

in the Mountaineers gully, climbing on skis  (in favorable conditions)

traversing across the north face on skis, following tracks of two climbers we met  (in unusually favorable conditions)

Ken on the Mt Whitney summit plateau, after climbing up all the way on skis
 (except for crossing three rock bands)

Gi skiing down into the Arctic Lakes valley

our ski tracks down the north face  (in unusually favorable conditions)
-- Ken enjoys following with "eights" on Gi's leading tracks

Joe + Paul's ski tracks down thru Clyde Meadow, toward Lower Boy Scout Lake

skiing down through widely-spaced big trees

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