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Dome de la Sache (3606m) is in the northeast Vanoise between Tignes and Les Arcs -- but our ski route from la Gurraz on the northeast side was far away from any ski lifts or ski resort. We found lots of interesting glacier terrain (for which we had excellent conditions), and many fun ski slopes on descent.

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we started by walking through the mountain village of la Gurraz

morning view north to the massif du Mont Blanc group

old building "le Carroley" -- looking west up Dome de la Sache.
We carried our skis up vague trail on the steep slope behind the building.
(one guidebook said there's a more interesting ascent route toward the left horizon)

Eric navigating thru the upper section of the Glacier Sud de la Gurraz.
(Dome de la Sache summit is the snowy nub just left of center)

Aiguille de la Grande Sassiere, east across the Isere river valley  (with skier tracks)

looking NNE from the summit over this gentler section of the ski route -- with a skier on it
(ski climbing uptrack slight visible on left side)


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