Alps France
spring 2006

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While there's still lots of snow up in the mountains, spring growth is coming to the valley. Often after getting back from skiing we'd go out for a fun time on the roads through the villages + vineyards -- Sharon on her rental bicycle and Ken on his inline skates.

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Sharon stops near Les Marches for a house and a horse

Sharon riding east toward the snowy Chaine de Belledonne mountains

around a corner to go south toward Le Granier peak

at Lac St Andre with non-bicyclists

Sharon making the steep-ish climb from Lac St Andr up to the village of St Andr

Sharon rides over hilltop on country lane, leaving non-bicyclist behind to enjoy the grass

looking northeast past vineyard to Les Marches houses with folded rock bands of Massif des Bauges above, and snowy peaks beyond

reward for the climbing:  coasting downhill through the farms and vineyards

local resident considering purchase of a bicycle?

peak of Le Granier above horses in the afternoon, with Col de Granier pass to its right

Sharon almost home on gently rolling lanes, with more of the Bauges mountains beyond

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