Alps France
spring 2006

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climbing up Mont Rosset on skis

make it up to the Chalet de Mont Rosset, but couldn't get service at the restaurant

Courchevel downhill

south from top of Soliere lift, center and high are the Dome de Polset and Aiguille de Peclet, with the Glacier de Gebroulaz flowing down from in between -- which we climbed to and skied down a couple of years before

Sharon skiing soft deep snow off-piste in the Suisse area at Courchevel

Skiers looking up at tracks in North couloir of Aiguille du Fruit, above the Courchevel lifts. Ken climbed up it and skied down, making "figure-8" tracks on the tight turns of the day's first ascender.

l'Alpe d'Huez downhill

a day of downhill skiing at the l'Alpe d'Huez resort, east of Grenoble

Sharon skiing the trail down from Pic Blanc

stopping for a break

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