After work, we took our skis on the subway up to 145th St, walked east into Riverbank Park, down the stairs to ground level alongside the Hudson river, put our skis on and headed north alongside the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. We skied next to the river and under the GWB, then along the Henry Hudson Parkway, got off near Dyckman St. Into Inwood Park and up around the northern tip of the island, past the Henry Hudson Bridge, way above the Harlem river, down by the cove and took our skis off at 218th St. Walked to Broadway and finished by climbing the stairs of the 215th St subway station.

Sharon beside the Hudson River following tracks made by other skiers.
Lots of warm clothing taken off and put into the backpack.

skiing in the "temple" by the Henry Hudson Parkway
 north of the George Washington Bridge

skiing along the Henry Hudson Parkway,
down the long hill north toward Dyckman St

Later in the tour a very pretty scene was looking down over the cove and the Harlem River while skiing down east just after going underneath the Henry Hudson Bridge -- but by then the battery in the camera had run out. 

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