Ski April-07

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Two touring days from two mountain huts, Refuge d'Averole + Refuge des Evettes, near the quiet villages of Bessans + Bonneval sur Arc in the remote upper Maurienne valley.

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looking northwest down from the Averole mountain (3637m), past another skier, to the famous "space" of the descent of the Glacier du Grand Fond.  Next I skied down its upper section (then climbed back out)

la Petite Ciamarella (3549m), seen southeast from near the Selle de l'Alberon (a ridge which I climbed up over on skis). The ski route up this peak is around the left side toward Pointe Tonini (3329m) + Col Tonini

across the Glacier des Evettes west to the Alberon (3637m) and my ski route -- which started from the Selle de l'Alberon ridge on upper left in photo, then went right to center of photo, then down a little left

my ski tracks down from the Petite Ciamarella (upper right) -- first angling down left-ward. Note the thought-provoking consequences of taking a slide from near the top. Col Tonini is behind rock on left.

from the Refuge des Evettes looking south across French Army tents and the Glacier des Evettes to the Petite Ciamarella (3549m) on the center horizon and the snow-capped Grande Ciamarella (3676m) to its left

I start early the next morning with the Petite Ciamarella (left) and the Alberon (right) catching early sun.
My goal is to climb and ski the Pointe Francesetti, not visible from the Refuge des Evettes

looking south from the summit of Pointe Francesetti (3425m) to the Grande Ciamarella (in Italy) and the Petite Ciamarella to its right

big descent down the Glacier du Grand Mean

"runneled" snow on the glacier leading toward Mont Seti. My ski route then went to the right
 (with the Grande Casse and Grande Motte on the horizon beyond it)

My descent continued in the drainage of the Ruisseau du Grand Mean, to the plain far below near l'Ecot, then more skiing gentler on the road still snow-covered down to Bonneval-sur-Arc

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