Ski April-07

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I hiked and skied from Rotenboden station to the Monte Rosa hut to get ready for spectacular adventures, but just getting there was pretty amazing already.

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the twins: Castor and Pollux  -  (seen from near Rotenboden station)

Monte Rosa on left, Liskamm on right -- between is Grenz glacier, below is Gorner glacier.
On Monte Rosa, Dufourspitze is rock peak to right, Monte Rosa hut is one of dots on low apron right,
Zumsteinspitze + Signalkuppe are hidden behind Dufourspitze, reached from Grenz glacier

Berta from Luzern with the Liskamm and Castor beyond

Zwillings glacier below Felikjoch + Castor.   "Ski it if you can" was the slogan of a Vermont USA ski lift area . . .  Perhaps they were thinking of this?   Not for me, Not this year anyway.

skiing on the Gorner glacier, with Breithorn to left, Matterhorn to right

Berta crossing an ice ridge on the Gorner glacier, with ten skiers beyond
gliding down the lower Grenz glacier toward us.

climbing toward the Monte Rosa hut -- on ridge in upper left of photo
with the Liskamm above right

Monte Rosa hut (2795m) with its outhouse below and left,
Gorner glacier beyond, and Gornergrat observatory above

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