Ski April-07

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Nick + Ken, with Nick leading the alpine rock sections to the summit. Many years ago Ken + Sharon tried to climb this, but it was too much for them, and Ken didn't want to cross all the talus rock on approach again. So Ken finally got the chance to do it with the approach rocks covered with snow -- on skis.

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Dent d'Herens and Matterhorn catching dawn light
 (after we started from the hut in the dark)

other parties of skiers climbing in the cold on the Oberle Plattje, with the Gorner glacier below -- while beyond the Dent Blanche + Obergabelhorn + Wellenkuppe peaks are starting to get sunshine

the Liskamm getting some early sun -- and on the Grenz glacier below, a line of little dots: skiers like us climbing in the cold

Nick climbing on skis, with the Dom / Tschhorn + Alphubel + Rimpfischhorn 4000m peaks

panorama of classic Zermatt climbing peaks: Dent d'Herens, Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Obergabelhorn, Zinalrothorn -- with the Gorner glacier below still in the dark -- as are we

Ken climbing mixed rock + snow on the classic West ridge of the Dufourspitze

Nick sitting on Dufourspitze summit to belay Ken up
 (with two Swiss skier/climbers standing to right of him)

Nick descending upper snow section of West ridge

Ken skiing down from Dufourspitze -- with Breithorn, Matterhorn, Dent Blanche beyond

Zwillings glacier crevasses behind Ken skiing, with Breithorn + Matterhorn beyond

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