Ski April-07

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A ski tour in both Switzerland and Italy. "Castore + Porta Nera" is how it would be named in Italian. I started my day in the town of Zermatt, and finished at the Monte Rosa hut.

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Overview of tour: Castor on horizon far left (with Pollux next), Klein Matterhorn with lift station on far right, Breithorn the wide mass in between. Top of Schwartztor ski run is the pass between the Pollux snow peak and black rock peak (Roccia Nera) at the left end of the Breithorn. I took the lift up to Klein Matterhorn, then traversed behind Breithorn, climbed Castor from behind and skied it the same way, then skied down the Schwartztor run.

skiers from Klein Matterhorn (Italian "Piccolo Cervino") traversing east around the south side of the Breithorn:  The two Liskamm summits are above the smaller Pollux pyramid, and Castor is to the right.

fast skier going past the Breithorn

west face of Pollux (4092m) (Italian "Polluce") with some people climbing it -- and two outside the climbing track skiing down

skiers climbing the west face of Castor (4228m) partway, then booting to the summit -- with three on the left summit ridge itself. Many (including me) skied down from just below the summit, others walked down halfway before putting skis on.

summit ridge of Castor, which I walked up and back

Schwarztor run as seen two days before from across the valley by Rotenboden

two skiers getting through the crevasses on Schwarztor (one barely visible far right)

three "haute route" skiers from Bruxelles, Belgium getting down a section with moguls

looking back up to north face of Pollux -- and it seems that some people ski up the Schwartztor

Belgian skiers continuing their "haute route" to the Monte Rosa hut -- also my destination (again).  Climbing gentle on the Gorner glacier alongside a "creek" of flowing water.

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