Switzerland May 2008
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Gi + Ken found this fun tour on the Julierpass 1:50000 ski touring map -- at 3392m the highest peak around the Julier pass. Not usually skied from the summit, but it was a good snow year, so Gi did it this time - [ report ]

our first view of the peak, at the top of our first climb, starting from lake Marmorera

after a short descent, now climbing the main run around southeast side of peak

summit section -- someone had skied that southeast chute on a previous day, but nobody went there on the day we were there

interesting mountains northeast above Ken climbing the main ski route

Gi climbing into the sunshine

Gi contemplating the South chute

how the other skiers that day descended the South chute

Gi just about to drop into the crux section of the South chute

Ken enjoying moderate skiing lower in the main run

and more that Gi is enjoying

flat area lower down -- three Swiss skiers passing between the ruins of two buildings, with the Piz Platta beyond

Ken makes a skiing entrance to the village of Tga

skiers washing up in the village of Tga

snack at the Piz Platta ski hut in the village of Tga

packed sheltered trail allows us to keep skiing down a long ways below the village, until we only have a short hike carrying skis out to the main road.

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