Switzerland May 2008
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Tödi is the highest peak near Zürich. Gi + Ken skied an alternate route starting from the Planura hut, first south over Sandpass down into Val Russein, then climb up a long SW-facing slope and over two ridges to the Tödi summit (3614m). Our descent was a different variation: after reversing the higher ridge crossing we headed directly south - [ report ]

skiing from the Planura hut down to the Sandpass

long run down south into Val Russein

long climb up this southwest-facing slope to the pass over the lower ridge

Ken arriving at the first ridge crossing - (above him the bright white "horn" of the Gross Schärhorn with Gi skied from its summit yesterday)

over on the sunny side of the first ridge, looking north to our second climb, under the dark rock

after the second climb, now on the sunny side of the higher ridge, with Tödi summit on left horizon, and the normal route from the Fridolins hut in front of us.

Ken skiing down from the higher ridge, with other descending skiers still getting thru the steep section. (They all traversed left to cross our first lower ridge and ski down the SW-facing slope. while Gi + Ken continued directly south.)

continuing south down toward the flat area far below . . .

. . . but with some cliff bands to be navigated before we reached that flat area, and . . .

. . . then it didn't continue flat for long, as Ken discovered some entertainment

looking back up our descent from the main Val Russein valley, our route is "not evident"

a forest road, sometimes snow-covered, took us out to the main Disentis road.  Ken demonstrates his new ski-carrying technique

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