Piz Bernina 2008
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Andreas + Ken got great snow conditions + weather for skiing the Buuch icefall and climbing the summit of the Piz Bernina (4049m), highest peak in the eastern Alps - [ report ]

early start on the glacier

safely across one glacier, climbing toward the next

Piz Palü

climbing south toward the Bellavista, but soon we will leave the ridge to get into the Buuch icefall

west to the Piz Bernina, with the Spallagrat ridge on the left and Biancograt ridge on right - (the Spallagrat is the normal climber's route, the Biancograt is more difficult)

bearing away from the rocks ahead blocking the ridge

dawn light across the Bellavista, with the Crast Agüzza rock far right. We're climbing up, but there are also tracks coming down the lower Fortezza ridge

dawn light on the Piz Bernina -- we climbed to the Fuocla Crast Agüzza pass on its left, then up the Spallagrat ridge, leaving our skis about halfway up the ridge

Andi leading into the Buuch icefall

seracs in the Buuch icefall - (with Piz Kesch far north on the horizon)

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