Piz Bernina 2008
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ski tracks crossing a crevasse whose bridge collapsed - ? during or after the crossing ?

guessing from all this evidence of skier activity around this crevasse, maybe the bridge collapsed while the skier was on it?

results of punching into the snow with a ski pole - (I was roped)

east face of the Piz Bernina, with the summit above right and the Spallagrat climb on the horizon left from summit

Rifugio Marco e Rosa hut, just west of the Fuocla Crast Agüzza pass

southwest toward Monte Disgrazia to the left, Piz Badile somewhere on right horizon

Spallagrat rock section on left, Piz Bernina summit bright to right

Bellavista (3922m) + in center Piz Zupo (3996m) + in sun Piz Argient (3945m) -- our main ski descent started near the sunny patch below Bellavista

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