Piz Bernina 2008
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Spallagrat ridge and Piz Bernina summit, with the east face below

our climbing tracks on first part of ridge: from the notch traverse right across face under rocks, then climb up to the ridge, then walk on the very narrow ridge

skis left behind below the notch, Ken climbing on the Spallagrat, with Piz Zupo + Piz Argient beyond

looking east down across the Buuch icefall, which we somehow climbed thru -- Piz Palü right of center, Bellavista terrace to right

north along the Spallagrat to the Piz Bernina summit

south to our climbing tracks on the narrow snow ridge of the Spallagrat, which we will also descend on foot

southeast across our ski descent route: first we climbed thru the jumble below Piz Zupo, traversed to under the west end of Bellavista, then down on sunny slopes diagonaling left underneath shaded rocks

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