Piz Bernina 2008
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traversing toward above the top of the Buuch icefall -- we decided to climb up a little to try to get into a better main descent route.

Andi climbing thru some seracs to reach the top of our main descent route

starting down thru the Buuch icefall

it's a long way to the bottom, about 1900 vertical meters / 6200 ft of skiing, mostly with crevasses + seracs

tracks of our ascent route visible above right

not a place to be skiing except in very secure conditions

"bird" serac just behind Ken

strange obstacles

our ski tracks below "the Labyrinth" of seracs

on down toward the gentler lower section of the Mortaretsch glacier - (still with big crevasses under the new snow)

Just below the end of the glacier, we meet another backcountry skiing party on the walker's trail, then join them for skating on the cross-country skier's trail all the way out down to the Mortaretsch train station

looking back up the Buuch icefall (most of our ski route not visible) and the "Labyrinth" of seracs with the Crast Agüzza rock directly behind

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