February 2008

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La Féclaz is northeast from Chambéry in the northern French Alps. It has the most fun trails for cross-country skiing that Ken + Sharon have found so far in the different countries and regions which they've skied. The nordic ski trails are part of the Savoie Grand Revard ski resort.

view from the trails to the mountain La Tournette  (which Ken once skied, near the Lac d'Annecy)

farm buildings beside the ski trail

skiers out on Saturday afternoon, with the cliffs of Mont Margériaz beyond

one of the eating places on the ski trails -- this one at Crolles (Porte du Revard)

Mont Blanc -- highest peak in Europe -- seen from the ski trails at La Féclaz

special opportunity this Saturday: the "nordic adventure" trail from the Refuge de la Plate to the Refuge du Creux de Lachat is groomed for skating -- so Ken skated out there.

skiers + snowshoers eating and drinking at the Refuge du Creux de Lachat

another skater who made it out to the Refuge, and talked with Ken about the skiing possibilities

farm buildings near the Refuge du Creux de Lachat

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