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France backcountry ski 2009

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Eric + Ken climbed the Aiguille d'Argentiere (3900m) by the Glacier du Milieu (Middle glacier) from the Grands Montets lift. Funny thing was we didn't have a definite plan for the day, except to ski something south-facing. We made like the third tram up, and my best guess was we'd go partway up Glacier du Milieu, decide that it wasn't in condition and then maybe ski the south side of the Col du Chardonnet. Then we'd go a little farther, talk about what to do next, go a little farther, and it turned out nice . . .

Aiguille d'Argentiere (3900m) seen from the Grands Montets. Glacier du Milieu is right of center between two high rock ridges. Col du Chardonnet on far left.  [Looks to me like the upper headwall obviously has too little snow to consider my skiing it this time.]

coming up to the "toe" of the Glacier du Milieu (after skiing down from the Grands Montets and crossing the Argentiere glacier)  [Eric flew here from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I don't think they have anything quite like this.]

Eric climbing near the low section of the glacier

looking back south across the Argentiere glacier to the Aiguille Verte -- and Grands Montets where we started from

on the glacier in the "milieu" between the two rock ridges


now we see up to the headwall, above the rimaye (bergshrund) mostly in the shadow -- and now two skiers climbing above the steeper "choke".
 [Eric and I knew that Chamonix could be crowded, and here it is: four skiers on one tour.  Looks to me like they're not hauling their skis -- left them at the rimaye -- so it's confirmed that I won't be skiing that high today]

another look back to the Aiguille Verte and the Grands Montets

Eric booting up the headwall -- and two ski out the bottom of the steeper "choke".
 [So I guess really they were hauling skis up. Eric talks with them and it turns out they're from Sandy, Utah, just a few minutes from his house -- I sorta remember it was ? Sarah and Mark ? One of them had spent lots of time getting down the "choke", and they were talking like the snow was difficult, again confirming that this was not the day for me to ski it.]

now above the "choke" -- with the Glacier du Milieu far below, and the Droites and Aiguille Verte beyond

last steps up to the summit

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