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France backcountry ski 2009

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"unknown" ski mountains of France

Unknown to English-language trip reports and guidebooks -- though well-known to local French skiers.

I was alone climbing the Arete de Brouffier that day, a long ridge leading to the Petite Taillefer, and (after a dip) to the Taillefer -- highest summit in the mountains of the "Pays de la Mure". Alone skiing down. (beyond left of the ridge is the "Tabor de la Mure" which I skied the previous day, and center horizon is the Grand Veymont, highest peak in the Vercors mountain group, which I skied about four years ago)

lotsa wild lines in these mountains of the Mure - (nowhere near Chamonix or La Grave)

but I was in full view of this well-known city for the upper half of the ridge and the summit.

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Luc showing the way, with Gilles below, in another "locals" place. Serious backcountry skiers in France think of needing half a lifetime to explore these wild mountains . . . 

to the south

to the east
(far right horizon:  the "unknown" aiguilles - nowhere near Chamonix)

to the north:  "ski it if you can"
(less than an hour drive from a city known for technology jobs + education)

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Ken making figure-eight tracks, descending from the Col du Bourne (another accessible place in the Vanoise)

Sharon farther below, down off the glacier

Ken somewhere around the Aiguille du Midi in the afternoon . . .

with Craig + Eric after they arrived at the Geneva airport that morning

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