Ken : Rollerski + Inline Videos

November 2003

[ These videos have been removed to save space ]

V1 skate -- climb up hill  (grade 8-10%)
on Rollerskis -- Jenex 6400 (2.8 MB download)
compare with inline skates:
on Skates -- V1 on Salomon Mag Elite (2.1 MB download)

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video in Apple Quicktime video format - [ download Quicktime Player ]
I find it very effective to Pause the video clip in the Quicktime player, then use the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys to advance (or reverse) the video frames slowly -- and to check body position and timing at various points in the stroke cycle.
More techniques

[ These videos have been removed to save space ]

V2 skate - gentle uphill  (a.k.a. "1-skate")
front view: rollerski (3.4MB) inline (2.1MB)
side view: rollerski (1.6MB) inline (1.9MB)
Open Field Skate - gentle uphill  (a.k.a. "V2A" or "2-skate")
side view rollerski (2.1MB)
V1 skate - climb steeper hill (grade 8-10%)  (a.k.a. "offset")
side view: rollerski (2.8MB) inline (2.1MB)
No Poles skate - gentle uphill
front view:
side view:
see also:  video clips of elite Racers

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