145th St - - GWB - - Henry Hudson Bridge



 Ken Roberts : January 2004

lots of nice snow at last, in Riverside Park above 145th St -- but not so easy to skate in this deep stuff

George Washington Bridge behind a bush and a snowman

little red lighthouse under the great gray bridge

temple along the Greenway path, overlooking the Hudson river

(and beside the Rt 9A highway)

Dyckman Street -- with unusual skating conditions

undernearth the highway near Tubby Hook and the south entrance of Inwood Hill Park


looking north up the Hudson River, with a boat in its middle and the Palisades for its west bank

from the most "upper" west side of Manhattan island in Inwood Hill Park

pretty skiing in the woods of Inwood Hill Park
skiing up to the toll booths of the Henry Hudson Bridge

but the sidewalk going north across the Harlem River was locked here

("during inclement weather")

Instead I went back down and skied the trail underneath the Henry Hudson Bridge 

curving east through Inwood Hill Park, toward the cove hidden in the north end of Manhattan island

skiing above the Harlem River for a moment -- looking east to the Broadway Bridge, where my tour today will finish

Baker Field -- finish skiing at the home of the record-breaking football team of Columbia University

I skied for another block east from Inwood Park, along 218th Street,

then took my skis off and carried them the rest of the way.  I walked on the Broadway Bridge sidewalk across the Harlem River to the 225th St subway station in the Bronx.

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