Sharon and Ken Roberts
145th St - - Riverside Park - - GWB - - Inwood Park



 January 2004

view of the start of our route from above

looking north to the George Washington Bridge from Riverbank State Park at 145th Street

Sharon is skiing left of the dark-plowed path just before the fences to the right

Lots of choices for Sharon skiing on the wide snow beside the Hudson River

(She skis around west side of a ball field, toward a tricky move around the fences that requires taking skis off)

We then found an easier route thru the middle of the fences of the ball field -- straight past the lamp post

(the green Greenway marker points toward the right -- nice on a bicycle, but there's not enough room for good skiing that way) 

ski to the little red lighthouse underneath the George Washington Bridge

From the GWB north to Dyckman Street, the skiing is alongside the highway, but there's enough room to find decent snow

enjoying the winter afternoon

skiing thru Inwood Hill Park

Sharon makes the climb up the trail that curves underneath the Henry Hudson Bridge across the Harlem River

(Followed by a steeper descent.  At the fork in the trail, it's the downhill that leads eventually to the big open field and 218th St)

We finish skiing at 218th St in the open field of Inwood Park, by a cove hidden in the north end of Manhattan island -- with the Henry Hudson Bridge behind

(then we carried our skis and walked in our boots to the IRT subway station on Broadway)

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