tracks by Harlem River - - 225th St - - Van Cortlandt Park



 Ken Roberts : January 2004

skiing in the morning along the Metro North train tracks beside the Harlem River

south of the "Old Put" railroad junction -- also across from Manhattan's 218th St and south of the Broadway Bridge

skiing the south end of the "Old Put" line, close to its junction with the active Metro North line
milk plant in the Bronx

on the "Old Put" line

skiing next to the Major Deegan Expressway (south end of NY State Thruway)

my skis broke thru the snow down into the underlying water of a short but serious swampy section in the "Old Put" abandoned railroad line -- just south of Van Cortlandt Park

looking south thru the skier's secret portal into Van Cortlandt Park -- underneath 240th St / Van Cortlandt Park South
abandoned station platform on the "Old Put" abandoned railroad line in Van Cortlandt Park

on Van Cortlandt Lake, coming from the golf course clubhouse

(side trip off the "Old Put" line)

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