Tuckahoe Rd / Yonkers - - Tarrytown Rd / Elmsford



 Ken Roberts : January 2004

home by the "Old Put" line

skiing past back yards
skiing along the Saw Mill Parkway -- after the "Old Put" line was blocked first by thick weeds and second by  industrial buildings

ski off the Saw Mill Parkway onto Tompkins Avenue to get onto South County Trailway -- which is the "Old Put" line again

enter South County Trailway from Tompkins Ave

a lucky chance to skate a little ways on South County Trailway in late afternoon

at the Woodland Lake dam -- finally I meet someone else on the trail -- who takes my picture with her friendly dog.

more important, she has broken a half-mile of the trail ahead of me

underneath the big one -- the New York Thruway -- Interstate 87

only need to ski a little further now to finish at Elmsford and find some food and indoor warmth

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