Elmsford "missing link" : Tarrytown Rd to Warehouse Lane



 Ken Roberts : February 2004

start of the "missing link" of the Westchester County Trailways

skiing north from Tarrytown Rd / Route 119 along the west side of the little Saw Mill River (on the right) -- by an entrance ramp to the Saw Mill Parkway (on the left).

thru the woods alongside the Saw Mill River

(actually the weeds were fairly easy to handle, dry and flimsy in the winter, with few prickers)

going underneath the Cross Westchester Expressway -- Interstate 287


looking back at the "crux"

could be 20 feet of tricky moves (?) to make it onto south end of Warehouse Lane

skiing alongside Warehouse Lane

looking back south to the Cross Westchester Expressway with trucks on it

reaching the end of the "missing link"

resumption of the completed Westchester County Trailway is straight ahead, snow-covered along the right side of the continuation of the paved road

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