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for when the uphill slope is so steep that nothing else works.


Any of the skating techniques can be executed with Classic skis. 

Most common is to use a sort of one-sided skate for going around a curve -- like "marathon skate".  

what for 

If you're in a situation where your grip wax is slipping on almost every step anyway, you might as well switch to a technique where the slipping is a positive objective.  

Overall the skating techniques have several advantages over classic stride:  

(a) the ski does not have to match speed in static contact with the snow surface in order for you can push on it. 

(b) by adjusting the angle of the ski to the speed of forward motion, the big leg muscles can be used in their best speed and force ranges.  

(c) easier to smooth the force over time, maintain momentum. 

(d) more effective use of abdominal muscles in poling. 

(e) no grip wax to add friction to slow the efficiency of the glide phase. 


  • It's tough to skate with waxless skis.  For best skating on waxable skis, use a cold-temperature grip wax. 


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