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Classic Striding on snow

Eastern Massachusetts Ski Club

Very helpful sequence of "learn classic racing technique" videos associated with the Eastern Massachusetts Bill Koch Ski Club -- shows "Elements of youth cross country ski instruction" led by coach Jim Stock.

starts with number 7 because their sequence follows six "learn to skate" videos.

(7) dryland preparation -- basic position with strong forward lean or "fall"; arm swing.

(8) scooter drill and no-poles skiing

(9) striding with poles, double pole, and double-pole kick -- plus some ideas about how to use these drills in an overall youth skiing program.

My thoughts are that these are:

  • good drills and concepts, and well selected -- but I feel the classic techniques merit one or two more videos, like one more for double-poling and one more for classic striding. In the final segments of the two skiers classic striding, I saw at least one key move they were doing which had not been included in the drills.
  • good for racing -- but that's not what most people learning classic are interested in.

elite racers

Per Elofsson -- striding and kick double-pole

Kris Freeman -- double pole

Kris Freeman -- rollerski classic + skate

JanneG's skiing videos

Alas these are no longer available on their "original" FTP server.

  • Per Elofsson = PerElof7.mpg (2.1 MB)

  • Mika Myllyla = Mika3.mpg (3.9 MB)

  • Kris Freeman = KrisFreeman.mpg (6.9 MB) + focus on double poling (0.9 MB)

Some are up on YouTube.

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Rollerski classic

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