Here are some unofficial notes by Ken Roberts in 2007 about the route of the 1980 Olympics Men's 15 km cross-country ski race at the Mt Hoevenberg ski center.  This route is similar to the usual Lake Placid Loppet course -- see comparison below. This distance of this route is 15 km (9.3 miles), and it climbs a total of 477 meters (1565 ft).

Several of the trails on this route are designated as "Most Difficult" (black diamond) on the official Mt Hoevenberg center trail map, so this route is unsuitable for many skiers. It is especially important to have strong skills for slowing down and taking sharp curves while on a steep downhill, and to have sound judgment about what sections are too risky for some skiers to attempt at all under some snow and weather conditions.

This route becomes even more difficult and risky in certain snow and weather conditions. If you have any doubt whether the current snow and weather conditions are suitable for you and all members of your party, check first with the staff of the Mt Van Hoevenberg center before starting out.

Map + junctions

These notes are intended to be used as a supplement to the official Nordic Ski Trails map of the Mt Hoevenberg center.

Junction numbers refer to the multi-color glossy brochure map of Nordic Ski Trails for winter 2004-2005 (and not to the numbers on the black-and-white Annual Lake Placid Loppet race course map).

Comparison with Lake Placid Loppet course

The 1980 Olympic Men's 15 km route is similar to the first 15-17 km of the usual course for the Lake Placid Loppet event, the East section. There are some


  • Olympic 15km starts with a  bigger climb, by going up Main Street and across parts of the InnerLoopen and East Mountain trails -- through junctions 20, 23, 32 -- rejoins Loppet course at junction 35.
  • Olympic 15km does the Peggy's Puddle loop.
  • Olympic 15km turns off the second Porter Mt climb onto the Horseshoe trail, while the Loppet goes through junctions 43 and 44 to the Rollercoaster hills, and they rejoin at junction 46.
  • Olympic 15km turns Left at junction 31 to climb the Hi Notch trail, rejoins the Ladies 5K trail at junction 25.

So the Olympic 15km has more hill climbing than the corresponding East section of the Loppet.

Route directions

exit from east end of Stadium (the end away from the lodge where we buy trail passes and food and stuff), turn Right (south) following signs for InnerLoopen trail.

bear Left at junction 20 onto Main Street trail (Ladies 5K goes right). Start climbing a long hill (which is the same hill that the route goes down at its finish), curve Left near junction 23, then

straight across the Innerloopen trail and keep climbing. Ignore the left turn labeled "East Mountain" at junction 32. A little more climbing, then go down hill to junction 35, and

bear Right to join the East Mountain Loop (going clockwise on the trail map).

Porter Mt loop + East Mt

Left at junction 36 to start the Porter Mountain Loops.

Ski the steep down and up of the Peggy's Puddle loop.

At junction 41, go Left to ski around the Cascade loop (which later returns to this same point).

This loop goes down to alongside Route 73 road. Then comes the first Cascade climb. After a gentle section comes what I call the second Cascade climb (somewhere near junction 41).

After some down and rolls, comes what I call "first big Porter climb", which ends in a very steep climbing section, followed by a very steep short dip down-and-up. After that comes the "second big Porter climb".

Just before the top of this climb, turn Right onto the Horseshoe loop, and soon turn Right to go down the hill, and continue

Straight (at junction 46) to rejoin the main Porter Mt loop toward the Stadium.

Trail curves West and go downhill more, another climb, more downhill. Follow "Porter Mt Loops" signs (which lead to joining the East Mountain Loop, going clockwise on the trail map).

Then into the long East Mountain climb, with some curves along the way. After a slight pause, the climb suddenly gets very steep ("the Russian hill"). At last some downhill, and then leave the East Mt Loop ...

Hi Notch + Ladies 5K loop

at junction 29, bear Left (or Straight) to join the Olympic Ladies 5K Outer Loop, following red markers (going clockwise on the trail map). Soon ...

at junction 31, turn Left and climb the Hi Notch trail, with some more steep climbs, then at last the downhill.

If junction 27 still exists in this Hi Notch area (Ken couldn't find it in December 2005), then bear Left.

At bottom of downhill (at junction 25) continue straight to rejoin the Ladies 5K Outer loop -- follow red markers. A couple of more steep ups and downs, then a long downhill toward the Stadium.  But . . . 

Before reaching the Stadium, the downhill comes into an open area.

Turn sharp Right across the open area to leave the Outer loop, soon start to climb and bear Right to Inner loop of the Ladies 5K trail. 

some more ups and downs, then at the start of another steep climb,

bear Left and climb partway up to leave the Ladies 5K (before it joins Innerloopen or East Mt Loop), and

turn Left at junction 23 onto Main Street to go down hill toward the stadium. pass by the first right turn (near junctions 20 + 21) near the bottom of the hill, then

take the second Right turn by open area at bottom of hill. Go a short ways to reach the Stadium, and turn Left into the big open field.

Go west past the lodge building (usual location of the third feed station of the Loppet event).

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