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Focus of technique

Explosive quick double pole push on one side

  • Set up for it
  • Recover from it, regain balance on the other side
  • Enjoy the big strong push
  • Enjoy the big passive glide

Analysis of approach

This is the skating motion with the biggest "passive" glide -- the longest glide with little or no pushing.

Muscles used

  • (possibly?) Ankle Extensors to raise the body and shoulders a little higher just before the start of the double-pole-push.
  • Knee Flexors (hamstrings) to make butt-drop aspect of the double-pole-push quicker and more forceful.
  • Knee Extensors (quadriceps) to recover butt and hips up forward and high. Which also raises the weight of the upper body, which is real work in building "potential energy", which can be released in a later phase to help add force to the pole-push.
  • Torso Rotation sideways -- reactive side-force to help the skate-push.  Mostly on the recovery-side, but perhaps some side-force to help the skate-push on the poling-side.

Sequence of Phases

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Video checkpoints

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