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Ski skating on Snow

Eastern Massachusetts Ski Club

Very helpful sequence of "learn to skate" videos associated with the Eastern Massachusetts Bill Koch Ski Club -- shows "Elements of youth cross country ski instruction" led by coach Jim Stock:

(1) Introduction and dryland skate progression -- basic position, side-to-side weight transfer and push.

(2) No-poles skiing -- hips + weight forward, drives skating skis to side and moves skier forward; next add side-side weight shift; finish leg-push with kick forward.

(3) V2 Alternate / Open Field Skate -- engaging abdominal crunch in double-pole push; rhythm of combining pole-push and skate-push.

(4) V2 skate -- "robot" double-poling with abdominal crunch only; next add small leg-pushes.

(5) drills for V2 and V2-alternate -- stable upper body; hips + upper body forward in Open Field Skate; arm configuration; "wiggle wiggle"; engage crunch.

(6) V1 skate -- climb with minimum power; next asymmetric poling, first with only one pole; "hot foot" drill; engage upper body in poling.

Why I think this set of videos is great for learning to skate (as of January 2010):

  • focus on feelings of key motions - (instead of static positions) - (instead of "What's the difference between V2 and Open Field Skate / V2A").

  • focus on engaging three or four key muscle groups which are not intuitive from our natural speed "technique" of running (but without saying that)

  • selection of a few drills which form a really helpful core for lots of people, instead of lots and lots of drills which it's hard to know which ones to select for what purpose.

  • treats V1 as different from V2 + OFS, with different problems - (which closely match my problems with improving my V1)

Elite Racers

some that I try to learn from:

Tobias Angerer 2006-2007 -- includes Alpe Cermis climb in Tour de Ski

Tobias Angerer at Falun 2007

 . . . and see below under JanneG . . .

JanneG's skiing videos

These were the first elite racer technique videos on the web. Alas they are no longer available on their "original" FTP server -- but some have been put up on YouTube.

  • Thomas Alsgård = Alsgard1.mpg (2.2 MB)

  • Christian Zorsi = Zorsi.mpg (3.6 MB) 

  • Fulvio Valbusa = Valbusa1.mpg (2.7 MB) 

  • Per Elofsson = Perelof4.mpg (2.5 MB) + Perelof10.mpg (5.1 MB) for V2 skate 

  • Mathias Fredriksson = Fredrik1.mpg (3.0 MB) 

  • Markus Hasler = Hasler1.mpg (4.4 MB) 

  • Carl Swenson = Swenson2.mpg (4.8 MB) + Swenson1.mpg (4.6 MB)

on YouTube:

Thomas Alsgaard skating

Ole-Einar Bjorndalen skating

Johann Muehlegg skating

V1 in slow motion elite racers

Per Elofsson skating

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Rollerski skating


Inline skating

DoublePush.com : Technique videos

  • Chad Hedrick = chad3.mpg (2.1 MB) + chadslow.mpg (1.1 MB)
  • Barry Publow = publow.wmv (0.1 MB)

more . . .

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